Listings By Kevin Seymour and Kay Wain

Harcourts Port Realty Ltd

Licenced REAA 2008

Kevin 027 434 5563   Kay 022 653 9739

PERSONAL INSIGHTS INTO KEVIN Successful in Real Estate since 2002 Constant award winner from the very first quarter Nationally recognised throughout his career, Harcourt's Top 2% Over $120,000,000 in settled sales and growing monthly, that’s a lot of real estate! EXPERIENCE Various forms of farming, mostly cropping however originally from a sheep and cattle family on the East Coast Forestry management and harvesting. These industries involved employing and managing people, problem solving and some innovation especially in remote areas. Kevin has a deep interest in our history, what has made us what we are as individuals, people and a nation. Kiwis have respect the world over. Kevin came to Pukekohe knowing only one person but quickly decided this was home and coined the phrase: THIS IS KEVIN’S COUNTRY No arrogance intended, merely a settled feeling. PHILOSOPHY Kevin takes his profession seriously and also believes strongly in the Harcourts values PEOPLE FIRST People are the crux of business. It is the care of and the care taken with people that makes any business successful. One of the first questions Kevin asks is: ‘What do you want from this and what does it mean to you?’... DOING THE RIGHT THING Following the ‘people first’ mantra is ‘Doing the Right Thing’. They fit together like a glove. It is not always easy to do that which is right but the easy path is sometimes only easy in the beginning. It is the tough decisions that open doors to enable us to put people first and find the best possible solution. This leads us to the next value… BEING COURAGEOUS It does take courage to enter the lives of others, sometimes deliver the hard messages and ask the difficult questions. It is in doing this that we can put "People First and thus aim to "Do the Right Thing”… FUN AND LAUGHTER A serious business doesn’t mean that there cannot be enjoyment on the way. Working as stress free as possible helps smooth the path for all those involved in what are generally major decisions. On a professional level Kay is personable and works very closely with her clients, always taking time to fully understand their individual concerns and aspirations. Kay provides them with a strong, customised service based on trust, open communication, regular reporting and well-informed market advice. Strategic in her approach, Kay aims to achieve the best possible outcomes for her clients at minimal stress. Her service often includes home staging and presentation advice, which draws from her long experience in interior design and real estate. She has a particular skill in enhancing the strengths of a property in order to maximise appeal. Kay is passionate about her job and counts it a privilege to assist and support clients as they move homes and make often life-changing decisions. The client needs someone to have their back, and Kay does just that. Hard work, sound advice, eye for detail, strong negotiation skills. These are the things which consistently bring Kay outstanding results. On a personal level Kay is a proud mother of a grown up family of three. Born a fifth generation Kiwi, loved growing up on a sheep and cattle farm in the far North. Has spent more of her adult life living overseas than in New Zealand. Is absolutely loving being back in her home country, enjoying the great outdoors and the beauty that is NZ.