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  • Apartment Schedule 3 & 3A Burns.xlsx
  • /3D Renders/
    • Interior (1).jpg
    • Interior (10).jpg
    • Interior (12).jpg
    • Interior (13).jpg
    • Interior (14).jpg
    • Interior (15).jpg
    • Interior (16).jpg
    • Interior (2).jpg
    • Interior (3).jpg
    • Interior (4).jpg
    • Interior (5).jpg
    • Interior (6).jpg
    • Interior (7).jpg
    • Interior (8).jpg
    • Interior (9).jpg
    • SP1 Bedroom 12.09.19.jpg
    • SP2 Deck 12.09.19.jpg
    • SP2 Lounge 12.09.19.jpg
    • VP1.jpg
    • VP2.jpg
    • VP3.jpg
    • VP4.jpg
  • /Alternative top floor design/
    • 3A Burns Ave_RC_127_Info Set_21.10.19.pdf
  • /Building Consent Draft Plans/
    • 1262_3A Burns Ave_BC_Draft Set for Review 30.09.19.pdf
  • /Concept 3A Burns Only/
    • 1262 sketch20 25-09-2018.jpg
    • 1262 sketch21 25-09-2018.jpg
    • 1262 sketch22 25-09-2018.jpg
    • 1262 sketch23 25-09-2018.jpg
    • 1262 sketch24 25-09-2018.jpg
    • 1262 sketch25 25-09-2018.jpg
    • 1262 sketch26 25-09-2018.jpg
    • 1262_3A Burns Ave_Prelim plans 180924.pdf
  • /Council File 2018/
    • Arboriculturalreport-3BurnsAvenue,Takapuna-LX_01167_01-10-444176bc-f3bd-4bc7-b861-332f86a0f201.pdf
    • Arboriculturalreport-3BurnsAvenueTakapuna-LX_01167_01-8-45253cfb-484c-467e-a2d1-e227524df8a4.pdf
    • BA-14913-CodeComplianceCertificatenotissued-moreinformation-7-9d2d8536-555d-43b0-8923-521685524ecf.pdf
    • BA_05098_02NSCCApprovedA3planbuildingconsentapplicationadditionsandalterations-4-52c0dd05-eead-4783-844e-c4267d8ccffb.pdf
    • BA_05098_02NSCCApprovedbuildingconsentadditionsandalterations-6-a10b2955-3a17-43de-9b22-ab45daa765b6.pdf
    • BuildingConsentConditionsBA_5098_02-3-d69983cc-3b2e-4024-ae98-2e71f6a63ac8.pdf
    • LX_01167_01ApprovedResourceConsent-14-e2c79d4f-c26e-4934-b497-83e2e6fd84a5.pdf
    • MeterReplacement_Inspection-6-f9d14dfc-f7d9-4ab3-9ff2-a0818d18f8a5.pdf
    • MeterReplacement_Inspection-6-f9d14dfc-f7d9-4ab3-9ff2-a0818d18f8a5.pdf
    • PIMBA_5098_02-5-3a8c0f32-fe33-41f4-85ce-ab620a87eb18.pdf
    • PRR00029363-ApplicationForm.pdf-2-c61fc0b4-ee2f-4c8e-afbf-ede176e2a33a.pdf
    • PRR00029363-ConceptPlan.pdf-1-f2bf83da-9d40-4974-8d00-2f0fa423dd8b.pdf
    • R30948TLegacyDwellingPlansA1-2-2a9eb847-e302-48ce-b0a1-cf9ce61af745.pdf
    • R30948TLegacyLandUseConsentDwellingdecision-Decisiononpage1-4-8-cc0c6449-5c28-42b0-b8f3-545a3374cfb1.pdf
    • R31072TLegacyLandUseConsentuseofdwellingforofficesofinsurance&financialservices-21-3f3435c2-8b07-4260-9257-89acfc949b38.pdf
    • R31072TLegacyuseofdwellingforofficesofinsurance&financialservicesPlansA3-16-dccb079f-4b78-4c58-90b5-ae4cfa77b36d.pdf
    • R31460TLegacyLandUseConsentprunetheoaktreelocatedatnortheastofdwellinghouse-20-79f004ca-67a7-483b-935c-096b36d77d52.pdf
    • RONW-9482-outside3ABurnsAvenue-siteplan-23-a24b6bfb-ae12-4d26-bf69-5b73372c8a62.pdf
    • RONW-9482-outside3ABurnsAvenue-temporarytrafficmanagementplan-24-b4a450f3-c6ff-4bf8-9538-44e58d92ee12.pdf
    • ResourceconsentLX_01167_01Trimmingofconvantedtree-11-f7275052-1310-473c-92d7-0f5f3e47db0a.pdf
    • S10952TLegacySubdivisionpart1-1-a6d807c1-5f61-4130-a8c0-15f39ffa7eeb.pdf
    • S10952TLegacySubdivisionpart1-18-5f080ee7-467d-42c3-aece-ac57fa5c1aa9.pdf
    • S10952TLegacypart1PlansMixed-17-a3e0abed-979a-4251-98e0-c87cf806b14c.pdf
    • S10952TLegacypart1PlansMixed-5-eb4894a3-551b-48a8-b151-0a36ea137da3.pdf
    • S10952TLegacypart2-10-7c4996e5-a046-4479-8a42-2609100a4ba2.pdf
    • S10952TLegacypart2-19-ec31942e-2707-4284-96a3-393842a85200.pdf
    • T13572LegacyBuildingConsentcarparkdrainageCodeofComplianceCertificate25_09_1998-22-1af1a83f-afbe-41e0-8334-28f7cae3e342.pdf
    • T13572LegacycarparkdrainagePlansA2-15-a2206b64-b470-4f96-938d-716b019f2872.pdf
    • T14045LegacyBuildingConsentDwelling-CodeComplianceCertificateonpage1-DrainagePlanpage20-3-a20bd070-0962-4a36-bd0b-6315cdf30fa7.pdf
    • T14045LegacyCalculations-9-d19f7125-a2a4-4eca-9d7c-98b83f941460.pdf
    • T14045LegacyDwellingPlansA2-4-2fce33f3-8757-40bf-bc93-310f39c9667f.pdf
    • T14045LegacySpecifications-7-1b7fc54a-d077-4755-bae7-b454f0133e49.pdf
    • decisionlettertotrimcovenantedoaktree-3AburnsAve-9-21bc8164-1aaf-4616-b231-ab4eaaa8305b.pdf
    • section104&105reporttotrimcovenantedoaktree-3aBurnsave-12-a83a6e89-16bc-4c7b-80d0-9fe0c08e939e.pdf
    • section94reporttotrimcovenantedoaktree-3ABurnsave-13-bdc88376-e4b4-40ac-bf9a-e0efe34cbdb9.pdf
  • /Development Contributions/
    • ContributionsInformationSheet_1082884.pdf
  • /Geotech/
    • 19-389 - 3a Burns Avenue CPT Report.pdf
    • 19-389 - 3a Burns Avenue CPT-02.xls
    • 19-389 - 3a Burns Avenue CPT-03.xls
    • 19-389 - 3a Burns Avenue CPT-04.xls
    • Landers Geotech Report.pdf
  • /House on 3 Burns/
    • 3 Burns House floor plans.pdf
    • 3 burns Ave tenancy agreement signed.pdf
    • IMG_0242.JPG
    • IMG_0381.JPG
    • IMG_0495.JPG
    • IMG_2188.JPG
    • IMG_2247.JPG
    • IMG_2282.JPG
    • IMG_2527.JPG
    • IMG_3002.JPG
    • IMG_3096.JPG
    • IMG_3326.JPG
    • IMG_3571.JPG
    • IMG_4094.JPG
    • IMG_4154.JPG
    • IMG_4290.JPG
    • IMG_4295.JPG
    • IMG_4508.JPG
    • IMG_5186.JPG
    • IMG_5215.JPG
    • IMG_5534.JPG
    • IMG_5738.JPG
    • IMG_6148.JPG
    • IMG_6554.JPG
    • IMG_6642.JPG
    • IMG_6793.JPG
    • IMG_6869.JPG
    • IMG_9167.JPG
    • IMG_9379.JPG
    • IMG_9837.JPG
  • /Marketing Info/
    • Marketing Plans 18.06.19.pdf
    • Rental Appraisal.pdf
  • /Resource Consent Approval/
    • Burns Resource Conent Conditions.xlsx
    • L057-0033A-Engineering Report REV 1.pdf
    • LUC60331940 Approved Plans.pdf
    • LUC60331940 Issued Decision & Conditions.pdf
  • /Subdivision Consent Approval/
    • SUB60341920_ApprovedPlans_3ABurnsAve.pdf
  • /Titles/
    • Appendix A - Easement document.pdf
    • NA121B839 3A Burns.tiff
    • NA121B840 3 Burns.tif
  • /Topographical Survey/
    • 3 & 3A Burns Ave Topo.pdf

Property Description

• 1,094sqm (approx) site across two titles (727sqm & 367sqm)
• Resource Consent granted for 7 level apartment building (42 units)
• Terraced Housing & Apartment Zone with 22.5m height overlay

Strategically positioned with front row seats to Takapunas bustling commercial and retail epicentre 3 & 3A Burns Ave present a unique opportunity with the hard work done to acquire a consented development site within the North Shores premier suburb of Takapuna.

The offering is split over two titles presenting multiple options for prospective purchasers. 3A Burns Ave (road front site) consists of a vacant 727sqm (approx) site with 3 Burns Ave (rear site) being 367sqm (approx) which includes a 3 bedroom home currently rented at $800 per week. The existing Resource Consent encompasses the entire 1,094sqm (approx) site across both titles.

Opportunities to acquire consented sites of this nature are rare with the Resource Consent achieved quantifying objectively the re development potential of the property and feasibility with respect to infrastructure connections.

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Damian is a keen sportsman having played senior reserve rugby and competed in Coast to Coast individual events. In his spare time Damian now farms buffalo on his farm up North.

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