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  • Lot 300 - 3411516-SK-0010-Rev K.pdf
  • Lot 300 - 3411516-SK-0011- Rev K.pdf
  • Lot 300 - WB2D-ASBLT-ELECTRICAL - R0.pdf
  • Lot 300 - WB2D-ASBLT-FIBRE OPTIC - R0.pdf
  • Lot 300 - WB2D-ASBLT-SANITARY- R0.pdf
  • Lot 300 - WB2D-ASBLT-STORMWATER - R0.pdf
  • Lot 300 - WB2D-ASBLT-STREETSCAPE - R0.pdf
  • Village 1 Consent - A12278K_05_StillwaterReserve Plan on Photo.pdf
  • Village 1 Consent - A12278K_20160503_Water_Servicing_S127_FINAL.pdf
  • Village 1 Consent - A12278K_20160525_Water_Main_S127_Further_Info_Response_Ltr.pdf
  • Village 1 Consent - A12278_001_Masterplan_Rev_17 - Village 1 consented.pdf
  • Village 1 Consent - ARC RDC WLL Con Ord Env ct 11 6 08.pdf
  • Village 1 Consent - Assessment of effects section 1, 2, 4, 5 (1 of 4).pdf
  • Village 1 Consent - Assessment of effects section 6, 7 (2 of 4).pdf
  • Village 1 Consent - Assessment of effects section 8 (2 of 4).pdf
  • Village 1 Consent - Assessment of effects section 9 (4 of 4).pdf
  • Village 1 Consent - C-001_Approved layout.pdf
  • Village 1 Consent - Coffey Geotech report 1 of 3.pdf
  • Village 1 Consent - Coffey Geotech report 3 of 3.pdf
  • Village 1 Consent - Coffey geotech report (plans) 2 of 2.pdf
  • Village 1 Consent - Consented Village 1 Masterplan 20 09 2013.pdf
  • Village 1 Consent - Weiti RC Application 26.11.13 inc S92 and PAUP matters.pdf
  • Village 1 Consent - Weiti V1 3D PDF A12278_Lot_Base_revised_lots2_20130621_A.pdf
  • Village 1 Consent - Weiti V1 A12278__housing_types.pdf
  • Village 1 Consent - Weiti V1 Housing Types 3D A12278_3D_Plan (2).pdf
  • Village 1 Consent - Weiti V1 Updated 3D A12278_Base_3D_Views_150dpi.pdf
  • Village 1 Consent - Weiti Village 1 Policy Area 2 Subdivision FINAL COMPLETE SET 24-9-13.pdf
  • Village 1 Consent - Weiti s92 Request V1 Applicn.pdf
  • Village 1 Consent - Weiti_Village_1_Resource_Consent_Approval.pdf
  • Weiti Bay Consent - 3124533-FIGURE-C-001-RevE.pdf
  • Weiti Bay Consent - 3124533-FIGURE-C-001-RevF.PDF
  • Weiti Bay Consent - Correction to Weiti Decision.pdf
  • Weiti Bay Consent - FIGURE-C-001-Rev C.pdf
  • Weiti Bay Consent - FIGURE-C-001-Rev D.pdf
  • Weiti Bay Consent - FW WeitiBay - Stage 2 Lot Layout.msg
  • Weiti Bay Consent - Proposed Consent Notices Structure for Weiti Village 1 07 08 2014.docx
  • Weiti Bay Consent - R52447 - Decision inclusive of all variations.pdf
  • Weiti Bay Consent - R52447E Amended DC Decision (s133a).pdf
  • Weiti Bay Consent - R52447F - Approved Plan.pdf
  • Weiti Bay Consent - R52447F - Weiti Stage 2 Lot Layout Decision.pdf
  • Weiti Bay Consent - SUB60034797-H - Decision.pdf
  • Weiti Bay Consent - Section 127 Application_modification to stage 2 lot layout_Final.pdf
  • Weiti Bay Consent - Section 127 Application_modification to stage 2 lot layout_update_20161020_002_trackchanges.pdf
  • Weiti Bay Consent - Section 127 Application_modification to stage 2 lot layout_update_20161021_003_FINAL_Compiled.pdf
  • Weiti Bay Consent - Variation R52447A - Decision.pdf
  • Weiti Bay Consent - Variation R52447B - Decision.pdf
  • Weiti Bay Consent - Variation R52447C - Decision.pdf
  • Weiti Bay Consent - Variation R52447D - Decision.pdf
  • Weiti Bay Consent - Variation R52447E - Decision.pdf
  • Weiti Bay Consent - Variation R52447F - Decision.pdf
  • Weiti Bay Consent - Variation R52447G - Decision.pdf
  • Weiti Bay Consent - Weitibay - Stage 2 Lot Layout Figure C-001.pdf
  • Weiti Bay Consent - Williams Land-KOGSI Consent Order.pdf
  • /Development Land/
    • 126268 (1602557) RMA60831Decision.pdf-3-735018 (171 lots).pdf
    • Certificate of Title.tif
  • /Information Memorandum/
    • Weiti IM Final 8 October 2019.pdf
  • /Residential House Lots Titles/
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    • 836077.tif
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    • 836081.tif
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    • 836089.tif
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    • 851956.tif
    • 851957.tif
    • 851958.tif
  • /Residential House Lots/
    • WBRA Rules Final.pdf
    • Weiti Architecture Code.pdf

Property Description

• Up to 33 residential house lots available
• House lots available individually, any combination or entire consolidated holding
• 33.5 hectares (approximately) of development land

Weiti is located approximately 25kms north of Auckland's CBD on the eastern coastline of Auckland's North Shore region.

The sections and development land are surrounded by rolling hillside, valley, native bush and coastal land. The sections form part of a coastal subdivision comprising approximately 150 completed residential lots.

Option to purchase any mix of house lots and development land together or separately.

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Questions and Answers Process
Any party may submit written questions to Bayleys during the due diligence phase and Bayleys and/or the Vendor will endeavour to answer such questions noting however that any questions and the answer provided by Bayleys or the Vendor may, at the Vendor’s sole discretion, be made available to all parties accessing the due diligence room.

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Gerald Rundle is the Director - Corporate Projects for Bayleys Real Estate Limited. He has been part of the Bayleys Team since 1997 and he has over this time worked on a diverse range of commercial, industrial, rural and residential properties as well as special projects.

Gerald brings to his agency and project role a wealth of information and real estate experience gained from over 30 years in the property industry which has included managing the national and international operations of the Bayleys Research division, valuing and currently through direct involvement in the marketing of significant properties and projects.

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