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  • J195342 - 41 Picton Street, Howick - ISA Report - JJ01.pdf
  • Picton Street 41_Information Memorandum_June 2022.pdf
  • Picton Street 41_LIM Report_22.06.2022.pdf
  • Picton Street 41_Record of Title_08.06.2022.pdf
  • building-wof-2021-08-25.pdf
  • /Lease Documentation /
    • Deed of Lease 8.4.2010.pdf
    • Rent Review 25.7.2016.pdf
    • Variation of lease.pdf
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    • Picton Street - 41.pdf
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    • Site10_132449 - 20100667S.TIF.pdf
    • Site10_132450 - 20100667WOF.TIF.pdf
    • Site10_132451 - 20100667LAC.TIF.pdf
    • Site10_132452 - 20100667F.TIF.pdf
    • Site10_132476 - 20100667P.TIF.pdf
    • Site10_134241 - 37248LAC.TIF.pdf
    • Site10_134286 - 37248CCD.TIF.pdf
    • Site10_134287 - 37248F.TIF.pdf
    • Site10_1368 - 081142F.TIF - 3575_43.pdf
    • Site10_1369 - 081142S.TIF - 3575_43.pdf
    • Site10_138270 - 20100864PIM.TIF.pdf
    • Site10_148457 - 20100667F.TIF.pdf
    • Site10_150449 - 20100864CAL.TIF.pdf
    • Site10_150450 - 20100864PRS.TIF.pdf
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    • Site10_158599 - 20100667CCC.TIF.pdf
    • Site10_173615 - 20100667CER.TIF.pdf
    • Site10_173789 - 20100864CER.TIF.pdf
    • Site10_245433 - 37248IRN.TIF.pdf
    • Site10_257084 - 4237CSCL10 - 3575_43.pdf
    • Site10_261963 - 4237CSCL10 - 3575_43.pdf
    • Site10_281556 - 4237BWOF11 - 3575_43.pdf
    • Site10_282506 - 3575-43WOF.TIF.pdf
    • Site10_304 - 081142P2.TIF - 3575_43.pdf
    • Site10_313 - 081142P4.TIF - 3575_43.pdf
    • Site10_322 - 081142F.TIF - 3575_43.pdf
    • Site10_334 - 081142S.TIF - 3575_43.pdf
    • Site10_376772 - 4237BWOF13BWOF.TIF - 3575_43.pdf
    • Site10_376774 - 4237BWOF13BWOF_V1.TIF - 3575_43.pdf
    • Site10_383356 - 4237BWOF13INSP.TIF - 3575_43.pdf
    • Site10_392955 - 4237BWOF13BWOF.TIF - 3575_43.pdf
    • Site10_447606 - Seismic Performance Report - 3575_41.pdf
    • Site10_466622 - 4237BWOF14BWOF.TIF - 3575_43.pdf
    • Site10_554073 - 4237BWOF15BWOF.TIF - 3575_43.pdf
    • Site10_596509 - Picton Street (41).pdf - 3575_43.pdf
    • Site10_643897 - 4237BWOF16BWOF.TIF - 3575_43.pdf
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    • Site7_12313 - G230306.TIF - 3575_43.pdf
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    • Site7_12315 - G230308.TIF - 3575_43.pdf
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    • Site7_12328 - G230321.TIF - 3575_43.pdf
    • Site7_12329 - G230322.TIF - 3575_43.pdf
    • Site7_12330 - G230323.TIF - 3575_43.pdf
    • Site9_402513 - 081142F.TIF - 3575_43.pdf
    • Site9_402514 - 081142P2.TIF - 3575_43.pdf
    • WOF20604254 - 41 Picton Street Howick Auckland.pdf.pdf
    • WOF20604254 - 41 Picton Street Howick Em.pdf
    • WOF20604254 - 41 Picton Street Howick.pdf
    • WOF20604254 BWOF.pdf
    • WOF20604254 Correspondence.pdf
    • WOF20604254 Form 12 Issued.pdf
    • WOF20604254-41 Picton Street Howick Auckland 2014.pdf.pdf
    • WOF20604254-AC1405 BWOF 1st Reminder.pdf
    • WOF20604254-AC1405 BWOF 1st Reminder.pdf.pdf
    • WOF20604254.pdf.pdf

Property Description

41-43 Picton Street is situated on the southern side, often referred to as the 'right side’ of Picton Street. The property has excellent exposure to the road.

The property is a single level building of concrete frames with brick infill walls and iron roof built in 1957. The property was once two tenancies, 41 and 43 Picton Street, they were combined into one tenancy in 1983. Now known as 41 Picton Street, the tenancy is 162sqm (more or less) of open plan retail space including staff facilities and a 32sqm (more or less) mezzanine area to the rear which incorporates a staff room and storage/computer server area, there are also two associated car parks. The tenancy has a double-width shop front of approximately ten meters, a large glass window giving excellent natural light to the interior, and automatic entrance doors. There is a rear entrance giving access to a council car park. The property has been tenanted by the BNZ since March 2010.

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Geoff concentrates his efforts on knowing the South and East Auckland retail and commercial market; the landlords, tenants, investors, brokers and developers. Geoff specialises in all aspects of commercial real estate sales and leasing. He has expert knowledge of vacancies, rental and absorption rates of retail and office space in the area.

Prior to joining Bayleys Geoff spent thirty years in the fashion industry where he learnt that “customer service is key”, knowledge he has brought to his real estate career and the mantra for his business.

Geoff’s success stems from his diligent service, problem solving skills, and strong commitment to his clients.

“The formula is very simple; I make vendors, landlords and tenants my priority. I listen to them and visit them on a regular basis to understand their current and future needs. When it comes time for my clients to make a decision, it is an easy process, because they trust my capabilities. They know that I will represent them fairly and successfully in their retail or office space needs.”

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Amy has had the unique benefit of being mentored by Tony Chaudhary, who is consistently ranked among the top five percent of Bayleys salespeople nationwide. Now a select member of the dynamic Tony Chaudhary team, Amy excels across the Auckland commercial market with an interest in retail investments and childcare facilities.

Combined, the Tony Chaudhary team hold a considerable database of potential investors with an additional ability to market properties through the Bayleys’ international commercial network as required.

Hailing from the city of Fujian, in Southern China, Amy is fluent in Mandarin and English, with an understanding of Cantonese. With an increasing number of Asian buyers entering the South Auckland commercial market, Amy’s language skills have proven to be invaluable. The team holds a strong position in foreign investments given their unparalleled ability to communicate with clients from a wide range of backgrounds.

Boasting a high conversion rate, Amy is careful to deal with a select number of clients at any one time to give full focus to their unique needs and to carefully match the right people to any given property.

Amy is enormously proud of the Bayleys name - a leader in the New Zealand commercial field. She has found that many vendors come to Bayleys to enjoy the exposure of its Total Property Magazine, which has proven to be a solid marketing tool.

With a busy career, Amy lets off steam through her new-found love of golf. She has strong family values and, as a keen traveler, returns to China when time allows, to visit family who still live there.