Available PropertyFiles:

  • 2103_Insurance_State.pdf
  • 3:34a Harman Street - Rental Appraisal.pdf
  • =?UTF-8?Q?Deadline_Authority_=E2=80=93_Addendum_to_Agency_Agreement=2Epdf?=
  • CLM_2011_159830 - AS-BUILT DAMAGE SKETCH - 3 34A HARMAN ST.pdf
  • CLM_2011_159830 - AS-BUILT REPAIR SKETCH - 3 34A HARMAN ST.pdf
  • CLM_2011_159830 - DRAINAGE CUSTOMER SOW - 3 34A HARMAN ST.pdf
  • CLM_2011_159830 - DRAINAGE REPAIR ESTIMATE - 3 34A HARMAN ST.pdf
  • Complaints & Disputes Resolution Procedures.pdf
  • Drainage settlement advice letter.pdf
  • EQC-CLM-2011-159830-_0cd4-0fcc-2c19-ee13-e350-5ebe-332c-5d33_20200214105531 (3).pdf
  • EQC-Drainage-Site-Sk_44d8-23cc-fab5-bbf9-208b-a693-da4a-995f_20200214105843 (2).pdf
  • EQC-SOW-CLM-2011-159_7b43-e185-341b-40a5-b6ab-66d9-3bcb-b017_20200212094734 (1).pdf
  • Flat-3-34a-Harman-St_31ad-dadf-d780-c01c-512a-cde1-b415-66f4_20200214105531 (2).pdf
  • Flat-3-34a-Harman-St_4802-2adf-c57f-3b32-935a-3a61-3ec8-8286_20200214105532 (2).pdf
  • Flat-3-34a-Harman-St_4dfe-92df-ef14-6130-132a-e3d2-d328-0b1c_20200214105533 (2).pdf
  • Guide to buying by Deadline Sale.pdf
  • Improvment-invoices-_b51e-1780-a36c-3cfa-d8cf-2089-5be6-16b1_20200212094734 (2).pdf
  • LLUR - 3:34a Harman Street.png
  • Multiple Offer Presentation.pdf
  • Passing over Disclaimer.pdf
  • Pre-Deadline Sale Process.pdf
  • Proving your identity.pdf
  • Rates - 3:34a Harman Street.pdf
  • Registration of Interest Deadline Sale.pdf
  • S&P Agreement - 3:34a Harman St FULL FINAL.pdf
  • Sale-and-purchase-agreement-guide.pdf
  • TC CAT - 3:34a Harman Street.png
  • /CCC Property Files/
    • LIM - 3:34a Harman Street.pdf
    • [09 391334]34A HARMAN STREET Scanned Documents.PDF
    • [12 531388]Attached - lim70136091.msg
    • [14 1154003]464 1-34A HARMAN STREET ADDINGTON Scanned Documents.PDF

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