Available PropertyFiles:

  • 2021-07-20 Peaks Dairy Limited Partnership N-Risk Constraint FINAL.pdf
  • 21_09_28 Access Agreement and Agreement to grant Easement (Peaks Dairy Limited) signed.pdf
  • CRC201086 - Consent Documents - Peaks Dairy Ltd.pdf
  • Consent CRC111442 - Discharge of domestic waste water.pdf
  • Consent CRC111443 - domestic wastewater disposal.pdf
  • Consent CRC111815 - Discharge of contaminants to land and air.pdf
  • Consent CRC111816 - To use land to store effluent.pdf
  • Consent CRC122638 - Flood control.pdf
  • Consent CRC154802 - discharge of domestic wastewater.pdf
  • Ecan Land Information Report.pdf
  • FARMAX Potential Growth History 2021.pdf
  • FEP 37799.pdf
  • FEP 4402 21_03_14 Audit 2020_21 Farm 402 (Draft).pdf
  • Farm dairy assessment 37799.pdf
  • LIM report 190366.pdf
  • LLUR What you need to know brochure.pdf
  • Peaks Dairy 2021-22 Fertiliser Plan.pdf
  • Peaks Dairy APTRing 21-22.pdf
  • Peaks Dairy_ River Area 17112021.pdf
  • Peaks Overseer 2021.pdf
  • Peaks Soil_test_report 17112021.pdf
  • S-map- Darnley.pdf
  • S-map-Darnely 1a.pdf
  • S-map-Rakaia.pdf
  • Soil map-outlined.jpg
  • Stats NZ Production Survey 2021_ MyBallance (10).pdf
  • Stats NZ Production Survey 2020 _ MyBallance (11).pdf
  • Titles.pdf
  • Water assessment report 37799.pdf
  • _Disclaimer.pdf

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Ben has a large portfolio of properties for sale across all sectors of the rural market - dairy, arable, sheep and beef, and deer, as well as small holdings - from the high county to the coast. Ben's team maintains a comprehensive database of buyers, categorised by their preferences, to which information on new listings is sent on a regular basis.
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