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  • Auction Disclaimer - Bayleys.pdf
  • Bayleys - Deans Avenue Car park Plan March 2021.pdf
  • CCC Rates Info - 10A Dalefield Drive, Cashmere.pdf
  • Certificate of Title - 10A Dalefield Drive, Cashmere.pdf
  • Davis Ogilvie Geotechnical Report FINAL 09-02-2016 - 10A Dalefield Drive, Cashmere.pdf
  • Gas Certificate - 10A Dalefield Drive, Cashmere.pdf
  • House Inspection 2017 - 10A Dalefield Drive, Cashmere.pdf
  • How to Buy at Auction - Bayleys.pdf
  • Investing in New Zealand - LINZ.pdf
  • LLUR- 10A Dalefield Drive, Cashmere.pdf
  • Land Zoning N.A - 10A Dalefield Drive, Cashmere.pdf
  • Overseas Investment Act - LINZ.pdf
  • Overseas Investment Act - REINZ.pdf
  • PS1 - 10A Dalefield Drive, Cashmere.pdf
  • PS3 - 10A Dalefield Drive, Cashmere.pdf
  • PS4 - 10A Dalefield Drive, Cashmere.pdf
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement Guide - REA.pdf

Property Description

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Terms of Supply

By accepting “the information” contained in this PropertyFile, I acknowledge I have read, understood and accepted the terms on which the information has been made available. This information has been prepared by Whalan and Partners Limited, trading as Bayleys (“Bayleys”) as agent for “the Vendor”. The information contains information that is publicly available, and/or sourced from third parties (and/or the vendor) and capable of independent verification. It has been prepared solely to assist interested parties in deciding whether to further their interest in the Property and Whalan and Partners Limited is acting as a conduit and merely passing this information over. Prospective purchasers must not confine themselves to the contents of the Information but should, in conjunction with their professional advisors, make their own evaluation of the Property and conduct their own investigation, analysis, and verification of the data contained in the Information and otherwise concerning the Property. Such evaluation should extend to and include whether there has been a change in the affairs or prospects of the Property since the date of the Information or since the date as at which any information contained in the Information is expressed to be applicable. Should the purchaser decide not to obtain their own specialist advice, they are deemed to have satisfied themselves on all aspects of the property and are buying solely in reliance on their own judgment and contrary to the recommendation of the agent. Bayleys and the Vendor have not verified any of the detail contained in the Information and Bayleys and the Vendor make no representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the information and neither Bayleys nor the Vendor accept and/or shall have any liability whatsoever for the accuracy of any part of the information including any liability for any statements, opinions, information or matters (expressed or implied) arising out of, contained in or derived from the Information, or any omissions from, or failure to correct any information, or any other written or oral communications transmitted to any recipient of the Information in relation to the Property. By registering you give consent to receive newsletters from the listing agent and/or PropertyFiles which you may unsubscribe from at any time. Whalan and Partners Ltd, Bayleys. Licensed under the REA Act 2008.

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