Available PropertyFiles:

  • /Asbestos Management Survey/
    • N-00527 - 5, 7, 9, 11 & 13 Russell Street - Asbestos Management Survey.pdf
  • /Council Files/
    • 1088019300_Building Consents_BC030329.pdf
    • 1088019300_Building Consents_BC060573.pdf
    • 1088019300_Building Consents_BC137760.pdf
    • 1088019300_Resource Consents_RM070051_13 Russell Street..pdf
    • 1088019500_Building Consents_BC006524.pdf
    • 1088019500_Building Consents_BC006653.pdf
    • 1088019500_Building Consents_BC029845.pdf
    • 1088019500_Building Consents_BC059627.pdf
    • 1088019500_Building Consents_BC059767.pdf
    • 1088019500_Building Consents_BC080061.pdf
    • 1088019500_Building Consents_BC080204.pdf
    • 1088019500_Building Consents_BC090329.pdf
    • 1088019500_Building Consents_BC09813.pdf
    • 1088019500_Building Consents_BC09876.pdf
    • 1088019500_Building Consents_BC100342.pdf
    • 1088019500_Building Consents_BC150031.pdf
    • 1088019500_Building Consents_BC150031A.pdf
    • 1088019500_Building Consents_BC160262.pdf
    • 1088019500_Building Consents_BC940021.pdf
    • 1088019500_Building Consents_BC970434.pdf
    • 1088019500_Building Consents_BC980143.pdf
    • 1088019500_Hazards_7-11 Russell Street, Waipukurau.pdf
    • 1088019500_Resource Consents_RM070063.pdf
    • 1088019500_Resource Consents_RM080068.pdf
    • 1088019500_Resource Consents_RM150007A.pdf
    • 1088019500_Resource Consents_RM970001_.pdf
    • 1088019500_Resource Consents_RM970001_reduced.pdf
    • 1088019500_Services_7-11 Russell Street, Waipukurau.pdf
    • CS0018 Scallywags_Compliance Schedule v2 202305.pdf
  • /Information Memorandum/
    • 5-13 Russell Street - IM July 23.pdf
  • /LIM Report/
    • L230037 (1).pdf
    • L230037A (1).pdf
  • /Seismic Reports/
    • 23-07-03 ISA- A - Tots and Toddlers 23-0693.pdf
    • 23-07-03 ISA- B - Senior Kindy 23-0693.pdf
    • 23-07-03 ISA- C - Middle Kindy 23-0693.pdf
    • 23-07-03 ISA- D - Graduation Kindy 23-0693.pdf
    • 23-07-03 ISA- E - Sprouts Admin 23-0693.pdf
    • 23-07-03 ISA- F - Fun Gym 23-0693.pdf

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Contact Mark Evans

Eastern Realty Ltd

Licensed REAA2008

021 990 212   021 990 212   mark.evans@bayleys.co.nz   All Listings

Mark is a senior broker of the Hawkes Bay Commercial and Industrial team providing expertise in sales and leasing services across Hawkes Bay in all sectors of the commercial market - Industrial, office, and retail property. A wealth of experience gained over time involving development projects, add value property opportunities and leasehold property transactions.

Mark has adhered himself to local investors, landlords and professionals as one of the most trusted sales and leasing agents in Hawkes Bay. Testament to Mark’s strong work ethic, integrity and reputation to deliver an unparalleled service leads to much of his business coming from referrals and repeat business from satisfied clients.

The Welshman, a passionate rugby supporter shares our good old kiwi values of work hard and play hard. Active in the community as he is at work, Mark is a proud supporter of Bluff Hill Bowling club, Omni Gymnastics, Napier Sailing Club and Carol’s by Candlelight at the Botanical Gardens, to name a few. He is also a trustee at Tamatea Intermediate school.

Mark is collaborative in his approach and is known for his commitment and persistence to achieve the best outcomes for his clients. He fully utilises the Bayleys brand, engaging buyers through strong, targeted, and innovative multi-channel marketing strategies to fully showcase client property to the widest audience to negotiate the best results for clients.