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  • 164 Peachgrove Road - DC - NZ Titles LINZ RT Search With Diagram - RT SA45C 375.pdf
  • 174 Peachgrove Road (2) - DC - NZ Titles LINZ RT Search With Diagram - RT SA4B 521.pdf
  • 174 Peachgrove Road - DC - NZ Titles LINZ RT Search With Diagram - RT SA1C 1205.pdf
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  • Goetech Assesment- Sunningdale Village 18-0141-1.pdf
  • Selwyn Consent HCC.pdf

Property Description

We are excited to present a rare and exceptional development opportunity in the thriving heart of Kirikiriroa Hamilton. Comprising a total of 14,518 sqm across three titles, this prime real estate package includes 174 Peachgrove Road which is ready for immediate development with a live consent to build 33 dwellings, and 164 Peachgrove Road which will become available upon completion of the vendors' new facility.

This strategic location is perfectly positioned to the east of Hamilton CBD, ensuring easy access to city amenities and business hubs. All just a short walk from Hamilton Boys High School and Southwell School, and in close proximity to supermarkets, retirement homes, and the bustling Five Cross Roads shopping area, making it an ideal spot for family-oriented residential development.

174 Peachgrove Road already has consent for 33 dwellings, offering immediate and lucrative development prospects.
Hamilton is one of New Zealand's fastest-growing cities, with a strong economy, vibrant community, and a high demand for quality housing. The city's strategic location and excellent infrastructure make it a hotspot for property investors looking for substantial returns.

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Contact David Cashmore

Success Realty Ltd

Licensed REAA 2008

021943305   david.cashmore@bayleys.co.nz   All Listings

David Cashmore’s name is constantly in the top 5% of Bayleys agents (New Zealand wide) and is synonymous with luxury homes around the Waikato, and for good reason. He has sold over $200 million in property since he turned his hand to real estate some 10 years ago. Of the homes that he has listed, 40 have been located either on the perimeter of Hamilton Lake or on River Road and around 70 have sold for more than $1 million.

A shareholder in the Realty Group (the umbrella company which owns Bayleys, Eves and Rothbury in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty), David consistently ranks as the #1 or #2 agent in Hamilton. He is the expert that more and more vendors are entrusting with the sale of their fine homes and it’s not hard to see why.

A professional in every sense of the word, David takes pride in working with vendors in a very open and respectful manner. He believes that every home has a captivating story just waiting to be told, and, has the uncanny ability to find and tell this story in a most compelling way.

The twists and turns of a typical real estate journey - particularly in a volatile or uncertain market - require an astute and experienced guide. David is the guide that experienced property experts around the Waikato return to, time and time again. Why? Because he delivers where it counts.

David’s connections are quite simply unparalleled and his negotiation skills are second to none. Where other agents fly on autopilot, delivering a one-size-fits-all service and relying heavily on on expensive marketing strategies, David takes a more personal approach. He knows the value of a bespoke service and takes the time to develop marketing plans that are tailored precisely to each individual client, engaging professionals along the way to ensure a polished result every time.

He also knows the power of having the right conversations with the right people at the right time – favoring this approach (however time consuming it can be) to hiding behind a computer and firing off emails. He often succeeds in finding buyers others can’t quite simply because he takes the time to have these conversations.

With a knack for problem-solving on the fly, David is also unflappable by nature and adept at providing practical solutions when challenges arise.

It is this combination of skills which saw him succeed in many other business ventures before real estate. Passionate about cars as a young boy, David began his career as an automative engineer which led to the co-ownership of Cashmore Motors (a vehicle retail and importing business). He then moved into one of his other passions, tennis, as a professional tennis coach and built a a thriving coaching business with attached retail store. He was named NZ Tennis Coach of the Year in 2001 and also developed, promoted and managed three international tennis tournaments (the ATP Tour in 2000, 2001 and 2002). He also started a nationwide distribution company for sports goods called Advantage Sports.

On a more personal note, as a born and bred Hamiltonian, David is a passionate advocate for the city and is excited about its future development. He and his wife Wendy have loved raising their two children here in the Waikato, taking full advantage of the outdoors at every opportunity. Committed to an active lifestyle (and not afraid of a physical challenge or two!) when David’s not at work, chances are he’ll be off the beaten track somewhere atop his beloved mountain bike.