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Contact Donna Goodwin

Grenadier Real Estate Ltd

Licensed REAA 2008

033796596   0272544644   donna.goodwin@harcourts.co.nz   All Listings

Donna has a strong customer service background including several years with customer retention. This has provided her with solid
negotiation skills and an understanding into what it takes to really take care of people. She believes communication is key, and with this in mind, she will ensure that she is accessible whenever and wherever you need her.

Donna understands that buying and selling is one of the biggest decisions in a client’s life and that being given the opportunity to guide her clients through this process is a true privilege. Making this process as stress-free as possible is her aim.

Donna’s strong communication and listening skills combined with her friendly and positive nature makes her a good choice for your next move, contact Donna today for a no obligation appraisal or assistance in securing your new home.

Contact Alex Voon


Licensed REAA 2008

03 379 6596   0275 878 780   alex.voon@harcourts.co.nz   All Listings

What is it About Alex
Talking to Alex Voon is a journey of discovery. Here is a man who loves to laugh, to share a moment of fun and who always seems to see the glass’ half full rather than half empty.’ Yet he is far more a person than that; Alex Voon is an excellent businessman who is passionate about delivering great results. In order to do that Alex recognised that he must make sure he had the knowledge to ensure he delivered great results. Formal qualifications such as his National Diploma in Real Estate are also mirrored by his acquisition of a fistful of languages and an understanding of the Christchurch property market built carefully on his near decade of involvement in real estate.

Such experience, such knowledge, such commitment would account for very little if it wasn’t matched with a sustained record of success. To Alex, ‘talking the talk’ is really about having ‘walked the walk first’ year after year he has built an enviable record of creating success for his clients. Real estate is important, his clients know it’s important and Alex also knows it is. On reflection, that is perhaps the clue as to why he works so hard for his clients.

If a person was to focus on what Alex Voon excels at in his real estate work, one would find themselves in a bit of a quandary — the reality is he does so much of it brilliantly. If one was to dig further some of his clients would mention his skill as a negotiator, the ‘gentle persuader’ that keeps on working until the task is complete, others may well mention his pragmatic and knowledgeable understanding of real estate but the one that most talk about, is his positive energy and desire to succeed: qualities that are certain to appeal to those who wish for a quality real estate consultant to achieve great results for them.