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  • /CCC Issued Garage /
    • [20 1358634]CON10032956 28 SPRINGHILL STREET AVONHEAD Scanned Documents.PDF
  • /Certificate of Insurance/
    • Certificate of Insurance.pdf
  • /EQC Sign Off/
    • EQC signoff.pdf
  • /LLUR/
    • LLUR-8 Springhill st.pdf
  • /Moss treatment Done/
    • Moss treatment done.JPG
  • /Old LIM /
    • [20 1358614]LIM70012932 28 SPRINGHILL STREET AVONHEAD Scanned Documents.PDF
  • /Purchaser Acknowledgement Form/
    • Purchasers Acknowledgement Form 8 Springhill st.pdf
  • /Sale and Purchase Agreement Guide/
    • Sale-and-purchase-agreement-guide.pdf
  • /Sale and Purchase Agreement update/
    • Sale and Purchase Agreement 8 Springhill st.pdf
  • /Scope of works/
    • CLM_2010_094494 - CLM_2011_216526.pdf
  • /Tenancy Agreement and other /
    • Tenancy Agreement and ETC.pdf
  • /Title/
    • Title 8 Springhill st.pdf

Property Description

The Flat plan is not accurate with garage and carport. We recommend you seek independent legal advice.

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To be successful in Real Estate, you must have a sound understanding of what makes people ‘tick’ in order to meet their needs.

For 20 years, Limo Song has proved she is able to listen, adapt, communicate and negotiate in order to help her clients achieve their goals – her longevity in such a competitive business speaks volumes.

An enjoyable career in tour guiding led to Limo helping many clients emigrate to New Zealand. Deriving such pleasure in helping them settle happily in the right home led Limo to the obvious conclusion; that Real Estate was the career for her! Having dealt with a variety of customers from all walks of life over the years, Limo has learn how to listen and communicate effectively, remains calm under pressure, has excellent marketing skills and is happy to go above and beyond the call of duty to satisfy even the most demanding of clients.

Limo prides herself on maintaining an in depth knowledge of the property market and this allows her to advise her clients effectively on marketing and pricing strategies. Limo manages her listings in a very professional and competent manner, providing accurate and up to date information at every step of the way. She has built a successful career upon the basic foundation of giving her clients all the information they need then allowing them to make their own informed choice.

Limo enjoys new challenges both professional and personal and is always willing to try something different. She prides herself on having adapted well to Kiwi life and enjoys tramping, travel and the great outdoors! A friendly outlook and a flexible attitude make Limo easy to get along with. If you want a real estate agent you can trust to get the job done with a personable and friendly manner, call Limo to see how she can help you!